Développeur Python

Pickmeup is currently seeking for, one of its clients, a Python back end developer The mission is based in Paris (10), for freelance only.

Responsibilities :

Design, develop, maintain and operate the global product
Ability to build and design technical solutions from scratch
Role model documentation and world class APIs
Keep on top of the latest developments in distributed systems and cloud tech
Help to improve our ways of working and communicate best practices
Continuously monitor the health and quality of our systems

  Transition from custom secret manager to AWS Secret Manager
  Role management implementation for our UI’s API gateway
  Writing data generation tools for performance and load testing
  Support our Test Engineer with testing capability and test coverage tasks
  Remove some tech debt

Required skills :

Strong problem solving skills
You have a deep understanding of systems design, algorithms, and data structures
You’re willing to work with Python and Java
Experience with AWS, Google Cloud, or any proprietary cloud
Experience with distributed computing technologies
Working collaboratively with geographically distributed teams is a big plus

Technologies :

Java 8, Python 3
AWS (DynamoDB, SNS/SQS), Elastic Search, Redis, Docker, Kafka, Datadog, ...
Spinnaker, GHE, Travis CI, Artifactory
Distributed Architectures & Microservices Architectures