Python Software Engineer - Fluendo

Our streaming media platform is a loosely-coupled cluster system, designed to deliver tens to hundreds of gigabits per second to clients across the globe. It is written mostly in Python (using Twisted), and runs on Linux servers. The core streaming software, Flumotion, is an open-source project, available at, whilst the advanced clustering software is proprietary. Fluendo is looking for a developer to join their team of streaming server developers and expand the video-on-demand functionality of Flumotion. Tasks include integrating new functionality in the streaming server core, adding functionality to clustering software, and providing a web-based frontend for managing and transcoding customers' VOD files.

Company Profile

Our group is a multimedia product and services provider. Our innovation has positioned us as one of the leading companies in audio and video streaming via internet and mobile networks. Due to our growth, we are looking for an experienced Software Engineer.

You will have the opportunity to join a unique fast growing technology company with a very high skill, experienced team working with Open Source technologies.

Position Requirements (skills, characteristics)

Position Special Skills (for identifying TOP candidates)