Full Stack Python Developer - May 2016

Software Developer; General Python and web development of existing and future products: specification, architecture, development, testing and deployment; Project management and interfacing with remote technical partners; Possibility to rapidly obtain responsibilities and have lots of autonomy.

Gymglish creates new approaches to language learning online. We are a team of twenty-five people based in Paris (France), with satellite offices in Tel Aviv (Israel) and Florianópolis (Brazil).

We have developed three unique language learning solutions: Gymglish, Frantastique and The Rich Morning Show. Each uses an expert learning engine that aims to create a daily cocktail of fun, efficient, 15-minute language lessons. The lessons are easily accessible to anyone by e-mail or with a mobile device (we have apps). You should try our products out... right now! (See links below).

As a developer at Gymglish, you will participate in all aspects of our process: specifying, developing and deploying our software. We develop with Python, MySQL and Linux. We use libraries like Django, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap on RedHat and CentOS, and tools like JIRA, Google Apps, Grunt, Less, Reviewboard, Jenkins, Sentry, etc. We document our code, test our functions and peer review our commits. We love open-source software, and for the most part, open-source software loves us.

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