Back-end Developer

iBrowse is a Paris-based international ISP specialising in private networks and value-added services such as private networks, VoIP and WIFI services for large international groups We are seeking a Back End Developer, to develop, maintain and evolve microservices / services / interfaces for our in-house information system: • Services & software products directly deployed with end clients • Configuration automatization tools • Internal management tools for ordering, support, product & systems monitoring

The development team is in charge of the software platform:

· provision of data stored in the databases,

· accessible via Intranet, Extranet and Api Rest,

· simplified graphical interface for testing and prototyping (other members of the team are specialized in the final interfaces)

Technical Skills

· Back-end programming languages

­ Java 6 to 8 and Java EE

­ Python 2.7


· Front-end programming languages

­ HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS 1.5

· Recipe / production environment

­ Web servers: Tomcat 7/8, nginx, nodejs

­ Database Server: PostgreSQL 8.1 to 9.6

­ Micro-services Architecture: RabbitMQ

­ VM and container under Debian

· Team work

­ Versioning: GIT, SVN,

­ Tracking tasks assigned to each developer,

­ Regular point to identify blocking points, finalized spots,

­ Creation of reference documents to define projects.